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Usage of Biotechnology Towards Sustainable Paddy Production by Division of Agriculture (N Kerian - Sg. Manik) (presented in the seminar organized by the Paddy Technology N Kerian - Sg. Manik on 23 to 25 November 2010 at the Hotel Grand Continental, Kuala Lumpur.)


BIM Technology (Indigenous beneficial micro-organisms) or Local Beneficial Microorganisms is a reliable alternative to improve yield, reduce production cost and is user friendly. This is evidenced by 28 farmers with an area of ​​34.78 hectares of rice fields in the Zone of Bagan Serai - Beriah, the Kerian District – demonstrating an increase in average paddy yields from 3:55 mtan ha-1 (Season 2 / 2009) to 3.93 mtan ha-1 (Seasons 1 / 2010). Preliminary studies conducted in the observation plot in Kampung Perak, Mukim Parit Buntar, Kerian District (M2/2009) has also showed positive results. Thus, with ongoing development and adoption of BIM technology, we believe our target of average rice yield IADA Kerian-Sg. Manik of 3.5 ha-1 by 2010 and 4.5 mtan ha-1 by 2020 can be achieved.