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BIM is the inoculant that contains three major types of microorganisms. Microorganisms have symbiotic relationships among themselves and with other beneficial microorganisms. The result of this is better conditions for growth of beneficial microorganisms and environmental balance. Three main types of microorganisms and their functions are as follows:

2.1 Fototropik bacteria
Decompose organic materials, toxic gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide to produce amino acids, nukleid acids, bioactive substances and sugars. These materials can promote the growth of trees.

2.2 Lactic acid bacteria
Removing lactic acid from sugars and carbohydrates produced by bacteria and yeast fototropik. Lactic acid is a sterile material which strong and serves as a deterrent to other harmful microorganisms. Lactic acid decompose lignin and cellulose to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter during composting.

2.3 Yeast
Produce hormones and enzymes of amino acid and sugar that acts as a bioactive material to enhance activation of cells and root cell division.