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5.1 Season 2 / 2009 - Farm Farmers
Preliminary studies of the effects of using BIM in increasing rice yield was carried out in Kampung Perak, Mukim Parit Buntar, Kerian District M2/2009. An area of ​​1.2 hectare plots cultivated by Mr. Muhammad Rizal Bin Mohd. Ali was treated with Bokashi, molasses and BIMOS. Bokashi is sown after the first plowing,followed by chemical weed control. Molasses is then poured into water channels three weeks after sowing seeds for weed control.

BIMOS sprayed twice a month starting 40 days after planting. It aims to improve resilience against attacks of pests and diseases. Other agricultural inputs are also used by rice planting program.

After spraying BIMOS, found worm that attack leaves become less than the adjacent untreated plot. In addition, the filling of paddy seeds was also found to be better.

Harvesting carried out in the second week of December 2009, paddy yield increased from 5.200 kg (M1/2009) to 5.760 kg (M2/2009), an increase of 560 kg on an area of ​​1.2 hectares, or 467 kg / ha.

5.2 Season 1 / 2010 - Farm Farmers
Season 1 / 2010, observations were extended to Area Development-Beriah Bagan Serai, Daerah Kerian. 28 field plots with a total area of ​​34.78 hectares of rice and 28 entrepreneurs involved in the study. The formulation used is Bokashi, BIMOS and BPR.

Bokashi is sown after the first plowing, followed by weed control. BIMOS mixed seeds soaked in water at a rate of 1:1,000. BPR sprayed to increase tree resistance from attacks by pests and diseases.

Early observations indicate a positive impact in the use of BIM. Among:

  1. Seed germination percentage increases
  2. Better sitting of seeds
  3. The increasing amount of baby paddy
  4. Strong root systems and more effective root
  5. Uniform growth and flowering trees
  6. The presence of sons become more
  7. Leaf roller caterpillars died from the effects of pathogenic
  8. The presence of war constructed under control with good control

Harvesting began in August 2010. 20/28 plot shows that 71% increase in revenue of between 100 kg - 3,300 kg (2% to 112%). The average yield increased from 3:55 to 3.93 mtan ha-1, which rose 11%.